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Rules for playing in the forum
« am: Dezember 02, 2013, 08:29:14 Nachmittag »
1. Tribes and Scripted-roles (Festrollen) are solely to play in this forum and not in any of the Seal- or Group forums
1a. Exceptions for these rules can be made in individual cases, if a reasonable request has been issued to the project leader of the Tribes.

2. Every Player every Tribe- NPC and chosen (Elemental)-Scripted-roles are allowed to play in this forum. No one has to do it. The Orga will not substitute Roles that do not want to use this opportunity.

3. Tribes and Scripted-roles are not allowed to reveal Background- or Plot information prior to a Con. The players are hereby informed about this rule and will be asked not to demand these kind of information (and thereby making their counterpart uncomfortable)
3a. Please do not question measurements for people, goods, time and so on.

4. It is not allowed for Cons to play important actions, discussion (as in a group of people making up decisions) etc. in this forum.

5. Favouring a character that has become known through playing in the forum should be avoided (=equal opportunities for all players)

6. The respective responsible person for the Tribe, project leader and other people assigned by Live Adventure will be reading the forum and have the right to moderate in respective sections. They will moderate inappropriate posts, texts that include wrong IT-information and text that reveal too many information. The respective author will be informed.

7. Please do not describe a place that could possibly be used as a location for any future events. The same applies to people who could make an appearance in the future. Places that have appeared in Campaign- plays (Seal.-forums, Mythodea- map, previous Cons) should match up in their descriptions.

8. Participating Characters can only do what they can during Cons. Actions that would need a Game master are not allowed.

9. No Person can read minds, therefore do not write down what your character is thinking.

10. Only write for your own character, not the others.

11. Aesthetic writing, use punctuation and capitalisation if needed.

12. Exclamations and verbal phrasing has to be highlighted in colour please, the colour does not matter as long as is distinguishes from normal text.

13. The first entry in every IT-Thread should be a description of: When? Where? Who?

14. Don't take away to much „real” play from yourself. Mould the world with tales that usually are not played during Cons and therefore appear in the campaigns or not at all. That means, that world changing discussion should still take place in „real” play.

15. We expect a friendly and considerate interaction with one another, following common sense.

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