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Why does this Forum exist?
« am: Dezember 02, 2013, 08:29:42 Nachmittag »
Dear Tribes, Scripted-roles and Players,
It has been some years since Live Adventure has decided to ban the play in Forums for NPCs. Back then we had a lot of administrative and organisation difficulties.
But we learned from one another and realised, that the world of Mythodea can not only exist 1-2 times a year. The characters of the Tribes and some Scripted-roles, as well as the players live on this continent the whole year. We learned that a stronger connection of characters from this world with their performers is very positive and allows to give them more profile. The Players should have the opportunity to experience the world Mitraspera in a livelier way.

This it the reason why we decided it is time, to show you, that we trust in every single one of you (Tribe and Scripted-Roles) and that we want to loosen the restrictions under specific rules. Please read the rules for playing in the forum carefully and follow them, so that we do not hear complaints.

We wish you and ourselves fun with „Mitten in Mitraspera“, and hope for lively interaction IT, and also a shared platform across the countries OT.

By proxy of Live Adventure, in capacity of the project board Tribes (and Scripted-roles)
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